Project Details

Project Location: Pampanga, Angeles

Height to Access: 4 to 7 meters

Activities: Painting and welding structural steel.


  • Fast, flexible and mobile/movable.
  • Different height to access within the same frame.
  • Short project duration, need to act fast.
  • Extreme productivity.

COFFRAL solution: Scissor Lifts 2030ES

Want to know more about our SCISSOR LIFTS?

Are you looking for an innovative equipment that would fit your Construction and Mechanical needs?

Here you are! Boost the productivity of your team by trying out one of the best Aerial Platform equipment in town. Try out our Coffral’s Scissor Lifts. They have Variable Tilt Technology, which maximizes their work envelopes. 

With our Scissor Lifts unique features and built-in technologies, you can increase the operation’s productivity and improve your experience. Also, the advantages are: less noisy working area, less dependency on hydraulic oils, and zero emissions. 

Various Scissor Lift models are available to suit your needs, such as indoor repair or outdoor painting or welding. Yes, you read correctly, our Scissor Lifts can be used indoor since they have electric powered engines. 

Using our Coffral’s Scissor Lifts will not only improve the productivity but will also help you saving costs without sacrificing the safety of your people or operator.  

What are you waiting for? Try one now!!!

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