Project Details

Project Location: Clark International Airport, Pampanga

Height to Access: 18 & 24 meters 

Activities: Checking the vertical and horizontal stabilizer of the plane. Airplane / Commercial aircraft maintenance.


  • Fast, flexible and mobile/movable.
  • Different angles and difficult areas to access within the same frame.
  • Short project duration, need to act fast.
  • Extreme productivity.

COFFRAL solution: Articulating Boom Lift 600AJ & 800AJ

Try our Coffral’s Articulating Boom Lift!

Aside from the ability to reach a height of up to 20 meter, it can also be used in congested areas for easy access.

Check our recent photos taken from our Project in collaboration with Air Asia at the Clark International Airport, Pampanga. See how manageable the work and repairs were done using only the best Boom Lift in town.

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