Project Details

Location: Clark – San Fernando, Pampanga

Overall Height to Access: The Access will extend from 5 to 19m.

Project Period: 2021-2023

Activities: A scaffolding system is used during the construction of the substructure and superstructure of the viaduct.


  • Jacket scaffold for access to Pier Columns (different sizes – column diameters & heights) for the installation of rebars.
  • Standard Access Towers of different heights with anchorage.
  • Load class of the steel decks 300kg/sqm and 450kg/sqm.
  • Giving access to the top of the pier head or bridge column.
  • Access to the superstructure.
  • Compared to ordinary scaffolding, our lift height is set at 2m per lift, so better workability.
  • Highest safety standards in the Philippineslift height.
  • Official calculation & drawings by Coffral engineer.

COFFRAL solution/ product: Industrial Ringlock Scaffold System 

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