Project Details

Location: Asian Transmission Corp., Calamba, Laguna

Overall Height to Access: 15 meters.

Project Period: 2022

Activities: Giving access using AWP to the installation of solar panels.


  • Multiple areas can be reached without relocation the need of relocation /installation / dismantling like with the industrial Ringlcok scaffold system.
  • High safety requirements from jobsite are met easily with the use of manlift.
  • Difficult accessing areas is not a problem when using an articulated boom lift.
  • AlthoughDifficult there are many obstructions on the facade, our AWP can adapt perfectly around them. Faster and more efficient solution.
  • Our MEWP can lift 5 to 6 solar panels.
  • Coffral facilitates and organises the mandatory Third-Party certification at the start of the jobsite.

COFFRAL solution/ product: Articulated Boom Lift 600AJ 

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