jan. 2010

How it all began

The name ‘COFFRAL’ is inspired of the French word “Coffrage”, meaning “Formworks”.

The COFFRAL Asia Pacific Group all began in the 1970s with its founding father, Jules Goudsmit, who invented the Staflex / H-Frame shoring system and was the first to implement it in Asia. The company, which is tracing its roots to decades of European tradition and expertise, was later established in the Philippines in January 2010 and is now owned by Jim Goudsmit, the son of the founder.

Sept. 2010

Introduction of a new product: INDUSTRIAL RINGLOCK SCAFFOLD

Coffral imports as first a stock of 20,000m³ of Industrial Ringlock Scaffold System. Followed by training hundreds of Filipinos to become professional and skilled scaffolders.

Sept. 2012

First major Ringlock project

The Refinery Structural Works of RMP-2, Bataan
DEC. 2012

Introduction of a new product: TRENCH BOXES

Coffral is the pioneer in importing the Trench Box Shoring System – Kring Boxes – in the Philippines.

FEB. 2013

Coffral Philippines Headquarter

Coffral moved its office to its actual location at Summit One Tower, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

Phone: +63 2 7625-2121
MAR. 2013

Introduction of a new product: ATLAS HEAVY DUTY

The Coffral Atlas Heavy Duty System provides a modern safe and efficient solution to Structural and Civil Engineering problems. Ideal for infrastructure and bunker slabs (slabs thickness ≥ 2m).

SEPT. 2013

ISO Certified: ISO 9001

Coffral has been awarded the certifications ISO 9001 — the international standard for a quality management system (QMS); and OHSAS 18001 — Occupational Health and Safety Assessment until today.

Nov. 2014

Continuous STE trainings since 2014

Product knowledge is key to success. That’s why, at Coffral our staff is being trained regularly by STE Scaffolding Training Europe from scaffolder courses, to Safety and Inspection courses. International Top Trainings.

JULY 2016

Opening of our Cebu Rental Park

Coffral decided to expand in Cebu to supply the Mactan Airport Project and the Visayas region. 

Our Coffral Cebu RP only focuses on Staflex Concrete Slab Shoring System.

AUG. 2016

Introduction of a new product: GONDOLA

Coffral add on access solution by importing from Europe the longest and safest Gondola for the Philippines market.

APR. 2018

Opening of our Rental Park in Concepcion, Tarlac

We transferred to Concepcion, Tarlac in the aim to expand and serve better our customers in a fastest way.

JAN. 2020

Introduction of a new product: AERIAL PLATFORMS

The 3rd leg of our vision to position Coffral as the one-stop access solution provider for working at height is the Aerial Platforms.

May 2021

Introduction of the Telescopic Handler – JLG Telehandler 4013PS

The Coffral Telehandler 4013PS can reach up to 13m height with load capacity of 4 Tons! It can act as a mini crane. 

Sept. 2021

Logistic: starting with Transportation of Aerial Platforms

New truck. New Coffral Lowbed Trailer. The perfect integral solution for our Aerial Platforms.

Oct. 2021

Introduction of the Tallest Boom in the Philippines – JLG 1350SJP

The Coffral Ultra Boom can reach up to 43.50 meters height. This is the tallest boom in the Philippines, also called Ultra Boom.

2022 upcoming

Doctor JLG  maintenance

Coffral takes as first the responsibility for the maintenance of JLG Aerial Platforms. This gives opportunities for all customers who invested heavily in these Aerial Work Platforms to maintain their asset, thanks to our Coffral Doctor JLG service.

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