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Coffral Philippines Champion Project

Boiler Tower Maintenance


Nov-Dec 2022


Calumpit, Bulacan


Access / Working at Height


High quality construction solutions

Project Details

Highly specialized Industrial Ringlock installation was used for boiler preventive maintenance and ultrasonic testing. Here’s the scope of this impressive project. Our Coffral scaffold solution was 7.05m (L) x 4.31m (W) x 23.00m (H) for a Boiler Tower of 8.37m (L) x 4.99m (W) x 25.07m (H).

  • With our Industrial Ringlock Scaffold Full Package solution, Coffral significantly reduced the boiler maintenance time by several days. 
  • Our client had a very limited installation window on this project, so was imperative that Coffral’s manpower completed the 7.05m (L) x 4.31m (W) x 23.00m (H) Industrial Ringlock installation promptly. 
  • The scaffolding access tower was ready to be used within just 1.5 days.
  • A great number of people can use the access scaffold at the same time. 
  • Highest safety standards in the Philippines lift height.
  • Official calculation & drawings by Coffral engineer.

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