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Coffral is known as the leading supplier of high quality and innovative construction equipment by hundreds of contactors in the world. Joining us, it is taking the opportunity to develop your skills by integrating a team of experts working on a diverse range of projects, going from heavy industrial to residential jobsites, in a dynamic international environment.

Being part of Coffral is being part of a family composed of multicultural ambitious members. Doing so, we believe that every single team members are special and play a major role in the development of the company whatever its job title. Aware of this, Coffral is attentive to provide its members with the most positive and healthy working environment, together with a large panel of benefits.

We are continuously hiring the best talents who want to contribute to maintain our high level of expertise. If you want to grow, boost your career, and be part of building the future of the nation, join us!

Open Positions

Construction Engineer
Full Time
Mandaluyong City Philippines
Construction Truck Driver
Full Time

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If we currently do not have the open position that fits your profile, but you are interested to work at COFFRAL Philippines, please share your CV and we will do our best to find a perfect fit for your CV and career ambitions. Just send a mail with your details to:

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