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These Gondolas are access platforms for one or more workers with motor-driven devices to be raised and lowered by ropes. These temporary platforms suspended from the roof of a structure are stable, strong, and reliable modular system. They play a very important role in the maintenance of structures.



  • Also known as Suspended Platforms, Swing Stages, or Window Washers.
  • A gondola is composed of 3 main parts:

1. Platform
2. Rooftop beams
3. Electrical Hoist (hoist + central control box [CCB])

  • The Hoist is CE-approved. One phase hoist (230 volts) can reach up to 100m and 3 phases hoist (380 volts) can reach up to 350m or more.
  • European certified: EN1808.
  • Maximum platform length up to 15m using end-stirrups, and up to 19m using walk through stirrups. Platform width is fixed on 0.70m.
  • Maximum load capacity of the platform is 100kg/m².
  • Possibility to create 90˚angles & corners (for example chimney application).
  • Coffral installers shall install these gondolas at your construction site.


We offer:

  • Rental only – with mandatory installation by Coffral specialists.
  • Certified Operator – optional.
  • Transportation – Coffral can organize the transportation of this equipment to your construction site.

Additional information

CE compliance



Lightweight aluminum component for the modular suspended platform with galvanized wheel support.
Aluminum roof beams.

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