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Heavy Duty Shoring

Coffral Atlas Heavy Duty Shoring (a.k.a. Big Boy) provides a modern, safe, fast, versatile, and efficient solution to structural and civil engineering issues. Perfect for big and heavy concrete shoring jobs.

On the other hand, the Ringlock Heavy Duty Shoring is designed for huge slabs and high altitude slab shoring of above 20m.



  • Coffral has two Heavy Duty Shoring Solutions:
    1. Atlas Heavy Duty Shoring (a.k.a. Big Boy)
    2. Ringlock Heavy Duty Shoring
  • Perfect for Big Concrete Shoring Jobs, such as for shoring of coping beams or pier-head of bridges.
  • Atlas Heavy Duty Shoring (a.k.a. Big Boy) can shore slabs up to a maximum thickness of 7.5m and reach a maximum height of 50m.
  • Load up to 35kN per leg, Atlas Heavy Duty Shoring is the strongest shoring system in the Philippines.
  • Modular System.


We offer:

  • Rental & Sales – of Atlas and Ringlock Heavy Duty equipment.
  • Transportation – Coffral can organize the transportation of this equipment to your construction site.

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100% composed of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel and High Yield Steel.

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