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Scissor Lift JLG M4069

We offer:

  • Rental – we require our client to avail our certified operator to minimize breakdown or wrong use of the machine.
  • Sales – we can train your preferred operator.
  • Transportation – Coffral can organize the transportation of these units to your construction site.
  • Maintenance – for Aerial Platforms Maintenance, we offer the Doctor JLG.


Additional information

Max. Reachable Height


Platform Capacity - Unrestricted

360kg / 3 persons

Machine Width


Platform Size

1.65 x 2.92m

Platform Extension Length


Platform Extension Capacity

120kg / 1 person

Machine Weight


Power Source

Electric battery – can be used indoors and outdoors
Battery life – 8hrs approx.


Non-marking white tires – for flat tile or concrete flooring only.

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