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Staflex Concrete Slab Shoring

Coffral Staflex Concrete Slab Shoring and Beams is the original H-Frame system, invented by Jules Goudsmit, founder of the Coffral Group. It is commonly used for shoring concrete slabs. It allows for flexibility in the shape and dimension of concrete structures. Suitable for flat and beam slabs for the construction of buildings and infrastructure. Over 50 years after its invention, it is still the number one concrete shoring system in the world.



  • StaFlex = Stability + Flexibility
  • Load capacity of 60kN or 6 Tons per leg.
  • Modular System.
  • Floor-to-slab height up to 15m.
  • Can shore big beams or thick slabs up to 1.50m thick.
  • Can be moved horizontally with a trolley or vertically lifted with a tower crane.
  • Shoring applications: high-rises, malls, airports, power plants, and infrastructures.


We offer:

  • Rental & Sales – of Staflex Concrete Beam & Slab Shoring equipment.
  • Buyback options – are possible and advisable for projects with a duration of more than 24 months.
  • Transportation – Coffral can organize the transportation of this equipment to your construction site.

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100% composed of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel and High Yield Steel.

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