Coffral Philippines can realize any type of shoring projects! Get your Concrete Slab or Trench Shoring done with ease and benefits of the strongest high-load capacity of the Philippines.

Staflex Concrete Slab Shoring

  • StaFlex = Stability + Flexibility
  • Load capacity of 60kN or 6T per leg. 
  • Modular System.
  • Up to a floor to slab height of 15m.
  • Can shore big beam or thick slabs up to 1.50m.
  • Can be moved horizontally with a trolley or vertically with a tower crane.
  • Perfect application for high-rise, malls, airport, and infrastructures.
  • The original H-Frame system, invented by Jules Goudsmit, founder father of the Coffral-Group.

Shoring Jacks (Props)

  • Applicable for re-shoring or vertical shoring of flat slabs.
  • Shoring Jack 10kN and Shoring Jack 20kN available, in accordance to EN1065.
  • All Props are Hot Dipped Galvanized.
  • Can be used to hold concrete beams or slabs in place while it cures, or for re-shoring of floors.
  • Goes hand in hand with Staflex.

Atlas Heavy Duty Shoring (a.k.a. Bigboy)

  • Perfect for Big Concrete Shoring Job → For shoring of coping beams and pier-head of bridges.
  • Can shore slabs up to a maximum thickness of 7.5m and reach a maximum height of 50m.
  • 35kN per leg, strongest system in the Philippines.
  • Modular System!

Ringlock Heavy Duty Shoring

  • A single support heavy duty column for load requirements up to 20T per leg.
  • A double support heavy duty column for load requirements up to 40T per leg.
  • Shoring height up to 80m.

Trench Shoring

  • Two Models: KS 60 & KS 100. Also known as: Krings Boxes.
  • The most frequently used Trench Box in the world  much affordable and faster than sheet piles.
  • Suitable for trenches or excavations of up to 5m deep, and a maximum of 6m wide, in all soil types.
  • New Technology Maximum safety and speed!
  • Needs excavator of minimum 25T and two workers for installation.
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