Framax Column and Wall Formworks fit to any column and wall dimensions including different structural shapes that could resist various requirements of fresh-concrete pressures. Highly cost-effective as the system is easy to assemble and accessories could be re-used to any cross-section with full detailed engineering drawings and planning cycles.

Column System Framax universal panels

  • Columns up to 8.10m height.
  • Our smallest column size is 20cm x 20cm.
  • Our biggest column size is 120cm x 120cm.
  • Tie rod is applicable when two (2) panels or more is contiguous.
  • No need of tie rod for dimensions that are below 1.20m x 1.20m.
  • Can do square and rectangle shapes.
  • Standard panel height is 2.70m.

Wall Formwork  Framax panels

  • Double sided formworks up to 9m height.
  • Our Wall Formworks can do walls up to a 1m thick.
  • Our Wall Formworks have a pressure capacity: up to 80KPa/m².
  • Staggered pouring of concrete (ideal 1.50m per hours)
  • Simple handling and planning.
  • Maximizing safety.
  • High number of use cycle lower follow-up costs.
  • Standard panel height is 2.70m.

Retaining Formwork  Framax panels

  • Single sided formworks up to 5.40m height.
  • Use of supporting frames to create triangular shapes.
  • Ground anchoring very important!
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