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COFFRAL Asia is known as the leading rental supplier of high-quality and innovative construction equipment by hundreds of contractors.

Joining us means taking the opportunity to develop your skills by integrating with a team of experts working on a diverse range of projects, from heavy industrial to residential projects.

To be with COFFRAL is like being part of a family composed of multicultural dynamic members. Doing so, we believe that every single team member is special and plays a major role in the company’s development, whatever its job title. 

We are continuously hiring dynamic talents who want to contribute to maintaining our high level of expertise. If you want to grow, boost your career, and be part of building the future of this nation, join us!

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Marketing Specialist

🖈 Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
🕒 Full-Time In-Office

Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Manlift)

🖈 Concepcion, Tarlac
🕒 Full-Time On-Site

Rental Park Admin

🖈Concepcion, Tarlac
🕒 Full-Time In-Office

Company Driver/ Messenger

🖈Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
🕒 Full-Time In-Office

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Employee Testimonials

Our stories

❝Working at COFFRAL is great and challenging because it will not only hone your skills but also increase your level of knowledge, competencies, and experience, which all boost self-confidence. I've been part of the COFFRAL Family for more than 8 years already. The Pagbilao project, I would say was my most challenging, yet, satisfying project. I was about to give up back then because I lacked skills in people management, but this project led me to where I am now. And reaching this far was all because of the great management of my COFFRAL Family, especially from the top management.❞

Instructor Glenn
Sales & Project Supervisor
Instructor, Level II
❝The organizational and administrative tasks are a fresh start in my career, however, COFFRAL guides me and helps me to adapt quickly to this new environment. Less than a year after starting, I've already learned ample pieces of knowledge in this field. Most of all, I felt honored to have the privilege to learn from the best. Our top management is approachable and does not hesitate to share important knowledge for me to succeed in my role. They have long patience in teaching. Moreover, at COFFRAL there is no daily routine but constant new learnings and tasks variety every day. The best thing about this company is that it doesn't just give the best for the clients but also to its employees. Thus, as a part of the Sales Team and a proud Coffralian, I am glad to promote COFFRAL products & services. Even more, because clients keep coming back to experience again the best and quality output of our products.❞

Sales Admin
❝Being part of COFFRAL for more than 10 years allowed me to grow in terms of knowledge and skills. COFFRAL offers the best of the best training, not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. I am blessed that I did have several experiences working and being trained abroad, such as in Thailand, Netherlands, and Malaysia. From being a Foreman to Instructor II, I've climbed all the ranks and am impatient for even more challenges. Now, I train and teach newly hired COFFRAL scaffolders and operators in the Philippines and Thailand. The road I've been through was not easy, but it brought out the best in me. I am proud that I belong to this very generous and supportive company.❞

Instructor Jay
Instructor, Level II
❝I started with COFFRAL in 2015 as a Payroll Accountant in Manila HQ, a role that I was used to doing for years. A year later, I had the privilege to be transferred to my hometown, Cebu, for our special project: The Mactan Airport extension. That gave me the chance to spend more time with my family, but it was very challenging, as I had to learn to multitask between the payroll and Rental Park tasks. That experience taught me a lot. The biggest takeaway, I would say, is that though I was working alone there, I felt the teamwork within the COFFRAL Family: far in distance, yet near in terms of helping and supporting each other. Thank you my dear Coffralians. In 2020, following all my efforts, I was proudly promoted to Billing & Collection/ Payroll Officer. My journey in COFFRAL molded my whole being to become a stronger lady and taught me to never stop learning. A big thank you to our CEO, Jim Goudsmit, for giving me the chance to grow along with the company growth!❞

Billing & Collection/ Payroll Officer
❝I've been part of the COFFRAL Family since 2020. It was very challenging at first because I was hired during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. I started as a Sales Engineer and later became Independent Sales, I was able to progress in my career within the company. COFFRAL provides the right tools and equipment for us to succeed. It gives value and supports both to its employees and customers.❞

Independent Sales
❝I find it a place where I can grow together with the company. I have been given very various tasks, which have challenged and pushed me to grow personally and professionally. COFFRAL has helped me reach great heights by offering me new learning opportunities and strengthening my skills. From International Sales to Head of Marketing and Social Media, for me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge, and experience in a company that is investing in me. I am grateful for all the support for my professional development.❞

Miss G
Marketing & Social Media Head

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