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Column and Wall Formworks

Coffral Framax Column and Wall Formworks help tackle forming tasks very swiftly and efficiently, especially in large areas. It can be fitted to any column and wall dimensions, including different structural shapes that could resist various requirements of fresh-concrete pressure.

A complete system is comprised of cost-effective, long lasting, easy to assemble, and high performance safety accessories.



  1. Column Formwork – squared structures that are used to support forms for poured concrete columns.
    • Column System – Framax universal panels.
    • Columns pouring up to 8.00m in height.
    • Our smallest adjustable column size is 20cm x 20cm and the biggest is 120cm x 120cm through increments of 5cm.
    • No need to use a tie rod for column dimensions for column sizes below 1.20m x 1.20m.
    • Can do square or rectangle shapes.
    • Standard panel height is 2.70m.


  1. Wall Formwork – double-sided formwork.
    • Framax panels – Wall Formwork.
    • Double sided formworks up to 9.00m in height.
    • Our Wall Formworks can do walls up to 1m thick.
    • Our Wall Formworks have a pressure capacity of up to 80KPa/m².
    • Staggered pouring of concrete (ideal 1.50m per hour).
    • Simple handling and planning.
    • A high number of usable cycles – lower follow-up costs.
    • Standard panel height is 2.70m.


  1. Retaining Formwork – single-side formwork where ground anchors are very important.
    • Framax panels – Retaining Formwork.
    • Single sided formworks up to 5.40m in height.
    • Use of supporting frames (triangular).



We offer:

  • Rental & Sales – of Framax Column and Wall Formworks.
  • Transportation – Coffral can organize the transportation of this equipment to your construction site.

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