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Shoring Jacks

Coffral Shoring Jacks (a.k.a. Adjustable Telescopic Steel Props) are used to apply pressure on shoring surfaces, intended to hold the shape of the concrete or temporarily vertical support the precast units. They have high load-bearing capacity.



  • Applicable for re-shoring or vertical shoring of flat slabs.
  • Shoring Jack 20kN available, in accordance with EN1065.
  • All Props are Hot Dipped Galvanized.
  • Goes hand in hand with Staflex Concrete Slab Shoring projects.


We offer:

  • Rental & Sales – of Shoring Jacks.
  • Transportation – Coffral can organize the transportation of this equipment to your construction site.

Additional information

CE compliance



100% composed of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel and High Yield Steel.

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