Get a professional technical support in all phases of your project. Coffral proposes a full package service, which will guarantee the success of your project! 


  • AutoCAD designs.
  • Signed engineering calculations. Coffral Engineers calculate cost-effectively the right solution for your needs.
  • Supervision on kick-start installation.
  • Technical assistance.

Doctor JLG

  • Upcoming Coffral’s Mobile Service Fleet!
  • Tailored Service & Maintenance for JLG Aerial Platforms.
  • 24h – 7 days a week service.


  • Experienced NC II-certified scaffolders → with complete PPEs.
  • Installation and Dismantling of scaffolding.
  • Aerial Platforms Certified Operators /Supervisors.
  • Gondola Certified Operators.
  • Food, Laundry, and Lodging for Coffral mapower inclusive.

Coffral Academy 

  • Training of Scaffolders (see picture from our Lafarge/RCBM Ringlock Training at Coffral Rental Park).
  • Training of JLG Aerial Platform operator, if you decide to purchase an Aerial Platform with us.



  • Delivery of equipment wherever your project is located → just let us know the destination!
  • Direct availability all over Luzon.


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