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Coffral Philippines Champion Project

NAIAX - EDSA Expressway


July 2023 – ongoing


Pasay City


Access / Working at Height


High quality construction solutions

Project Details

Our Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) were used for the precast installation, painting, and cleaning of the newly constructed NAIAX – EDSA skyway connecting ramp. The overall height to access was 15 meters.

  • Swift and agile: Achieve high speed and flexibility in maneuvering.
  • Versatile maneuverability: Navigate various angles and challenging spaces within a single frame.
  • Tactical precision in tight spots: Easily operate in narrow spaces without causing traffic disruptions.
  • Peak efficiency: Deliver exceptional productivity levels.
  • Elevated access mastery: Safely and rapidly reach extreme heights and different sections of the bridge, from its summit to the edges.

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