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Offshore Vessel Gantries Maintenance


Feb – Mar 2023


Offshore | Manila Bay


Access / Working at Height


High quality construction solutions

Project Details

A highly specialized hanging Industrial Ringlock scaffold installation was performed onto an offshore Hopper Barge Vessel to carry out maintenance and repairs in the Filipino Sea. 

Coffral staff worked closely with our valuable marine client engaged in the offshore industry to perform highly specialized repair and maintenance work on their vessels.

Our hot-dipped galvanized industrial Ringlock scaffold system is an ideal solution in harsh and corrosive offshore environments, and is a key pointer in why our client keeps availing to the safe, proven, and cost-effective Coffral industrial Ringlock Full Package expertise for many of their demanding offshore applications.

Scope of work included welding and painting the gantries of one of their spraying pontoon vessels.

  • Highest safety standards in the Philippines lift height
  • Official calculation & drawings by Coffral engineer
  • Thanks to the close cooperation between our COFFRAL Engineers, Site Supervisors, and Scaffolders, a fully tailored and safety-compliant hanging scaffold solution was installed which met all customer requirements

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